Blog post Launches Portfolio of AI Training Data Products

We are revolutionizing the way tech companies obtain data for training artificial intelligence.

DefinedCrowd keep evolving! We are proud to announce the launch of a product portfolio that addresses one of the biggest challenges in the AI industry: access to high-quality training data. It’s a real problem for machine learning teams and data scientists, who spend far too much of their time cleaning and structuring the data they need to train effective and successful AI models.

DefinedCrowd plans to change the status quo with their product portfolio, which includes: DefinedData, an online catalog of off-the-shelf datasets launched earlier this year; DefinedWorkflows, self-service workflows for highly customized data collections; DefinedCrew, a crowd-as-a-service platform for freelancing on-demand work for AI data collection and augmentation; and DefinedSolutions, an expert professional service for complex AI projects.

“As AI becomes more ubiquitous in our daily lives, and as our reality becomes increasingly voice-enabled, AI innovators are more discerning than ever about the data they use to train their algorithms. Our in-depth knowledge of the market enables us to understand the needs of industry leaders, which is why we realized we had to provide a broader and more defined range of data solutions.

“With this portfolio, DefinedCrowd has become a one-stop data shop: we provide off-the-shelf data available for immediate use, customized data collections, professional services, and even an on-demand crowd. Whatever your AI training need, DefinedCrowd has the solution,” said founder and CEO, Dr. Daniela Braga.

How It Works

Companies can start by browsing DefinedData, the online catalog, for pre-collected, annotated, and validated AI training data. It is targeted to clients who need data immediately, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality.

While the online catalog is constantly being updated with new datasets, clients who can’t find what they need can use DefinedWorkflows to configure standardized AI data pipelines to get other demographic variations to fill their models’ needs.

For clients with more complex requests that need specially customized and crafted solutions, DefinedSolutions’s professional services team will work with customers from beginning to end to meet their AI needs.

If customers have their own collection or annotation tools, and want to augment their managed crowd, DefinedCrew offers a diverse and certified global workforce, via’s global network of over 300,000 contributors.

All four products are now available via the newly rebranded DefinedCrowd website.

“As one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, in one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world, change is our only constant. Over the last five years, we have embraced this change and evolved from a start-up to a more mature scale-up represented by our rebranded product offering. We believe this suite of products solidifies our position as the leading data provider for AI in the world,” said Mark Bomber, VP of Marketing at DefinedCrowd.

DefinedCrowd was founded and 2015 and was recently listed by Inc. 5000 as the 27th fastest-growing private company in the United States, after experiencing a growth in revenue of 8550.28% from 2016 to 2019.


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