Advancing Payment Technologies


When Mastercard’s Research and Development Labs wanted to develop a chatbot to improve customer service, they needed to ensure the chatbot could not only understand both Spanish and English but also understand and accurately respond to a range of different customer queries. Failure to do this would result in frustrated, isolated, and potentially angry customers.

To ensure their chatbot was smart, fluent, and not alienating customers, Mastercard needed unique, multi-lingual text data that covered 20 designated payment scenarios in both English and Spanish. They also required that the data be provided in 3 weeks.

Obtaining this type of comprehensive data under highly specific parameters is a multi-step process that can prove time-consuming without experts involved. We worked closely with Mastercard to ensure maximum efficiency and quality at every stage, from assisting with scenario development, to drafting a comprehensive set of prompts, to collecting, validating, and annotating all collected text.