AI team assemble!

500,000 strong and growing, our contributors have logged successful completion of over 200 million tasks to date. Rigorously vetted, certified, and monitored in real-time with AI-based automated quality checks, leverage the experience and expertise of our crowd in your AI initiatives today.

On demand & unbiased

Segmentation and customization of the right candidates for your project’s workforce, available 24/7.

Skills & certification

Trained and certified contributors ensuring your project receives the level of excellence it needs.


We’re ISO-certified and GDPR compliant. Security is a core value for us and our workforce.

Contracts & legal

We handle all the contractual and legal requirements of our workforce.


We provide an on-demand workforce, certified and curated by specialization, as determined by your project needs and quality requirments.

Cost effective

Instantly get the right contributors – trained and certified – for your project without the complications of recruitment logistics.

Ethical collection

Our contributors are paid fair wages in accordance with legal requirements.


Recruit a skilled, local workforce based on your demographic and skillset criteria.

How it works

Our workforce will help you create and improve AI models with high-quality training data, obtained quickly, securely, and ethically.

1 Set crowd paramenters
2 Onboard crowd on your platform
3 Monitor progress and quality
4 Expand throughput

Use cases

Get a Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
NET Entity Tagging
IVR Speech Dialogue Collection