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Getting the right kind of AI training data for your AI models can be complex. streamlines that process thanks to our variety of datasets, rigorously vetted for quality and bias.

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Building a performant model starts with world-class AI training data. We don’t compromise in our data, and neither should you. Join a growing community of Fortune 500s and innovative startups in discovering how data can help you can scale and succeed in your AI initiatives, today.

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With high collection and processing standards, we ensure exceptional data. With WER of 1.14% for scripted, 3.99% for IVR, and 4.71% for spontaneous speech data, you can rely on our quality standards.

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As experts in training data, we’ll find the best solution for your needs through frictionless, customizable workflows. Domain expertise is critical to success, so we’ve thoughtfully built our team and crowd to answer the myriad needs of every industry and locale.

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Our processes are as open and detailed as our metadata, and we ensure automated quality checks, and representative, unbiased data. Our internal processes are in accordance with industry security standards, and are GDPR Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified.

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Whether it’s an IVR system, sentiment anaylsis, or facial recognition, we do it all – from AI assets to AI services. Our data is diverse and bias-aware, ensuring that you can find the necessary data to compete anywhere in the world.