Lisa Marie Els

Welcome to the world’s leading marketplace for AI data, tools, and models

DefinedCrowd has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading AI training data providers. However, as the market shifts to meet the ever-growing demand for AI, we’re evolving too. Now, more than ever before, AI professionals need access to ready-to-use AI training data, tools, and models, and they need it fast.

That’s why DefinedCrowd is evolving into Our new name and logo reflect our new product positioning: we aim to become the world’s leading provider of AI data, models, and tools for artificial intelligence. Now AI professionals can buy or sell ready-to-use AI assets on our online Marketplace or commission a custom-made dataset, tool, or model to suit their specific needs,

We’re excited to move beyond a resource for crowd-sourced data gathering to a comprehensive AI platform and marketplace to embrace and empower a new era of AI development. Our goal? To enable the creators of the future with world-class AI assets.

Enabling is the main aim of the Marketplace: AI professionals can create and trade datasets, tools, and models that are necessary to develop successful AI models that drive key business goals. Developers can purchase AI assets, through subscriptions or one-off transactions, sell their own assets as third-party vendors, or request highly specialized, custom-made assets built by the team.

“Today marks a major milestone for, as AI technology continues to be incorporated into every aspect of our lives, both in the tech stack and geographically,” said Daniela Braga, CEO and Founder, “Our team is reshaping the way the AI industry innovates, by changing the way AI developers make new technologies. By advocating for ethical and bias-free models, and giving others the tools that will make their products as inclusive as possible, the is team is creating the future in real-time. We’re setting the standard and promoting the already rapid evolution, adoption, and application of AI technology.”

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