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Established in 2015, has grown and received numerous awards for its impressive growth in the AI industry. Learn more about us, or explore opportunities on the team by clicking the links below.

Success Stories

We’ve helped many Fortune 500 companies improve efficiencies, lower costs, and increase revenue with tailor-made AI solutions

See how we helped Mastercard build a bilingual chatbot to streamline customer experience, improve sales, and cement customer loyalty, all within three weeks
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Need AI to recognize all 28 dialects before expanding into France? Et voila! See how provided the solution for this Fortune 500 company
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We helped EDP develop critical maintenance AI to help detect and diagnose infrastructure faults, ensuring the lights stay on for their customers. See how here
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See how we leveraged our global crowd and industry-leading collection services to annotate sentiment in Korean language data for this Fortune 500 company
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AI is risky without unbiased data. See how we helped this company build AI that better recognizes East Asian users and their family members
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